Search Widens is a Fair Trade silver Jewelry business, founded during my first trip to India in 1983.


This has been a fruitful and creative endeavor which has supported me and a whole team of people who have shared  my passion for Fair Trade for nearly 37 years.

I am deeply grateful,  and still slightly amazed that this business has been so successful over these years.  From early on I knew that I wanted Search Widens to be about something bigger than just a way to support myself. My vision was that it could even be a vehicle for mutual self-empowerment, as well as a way to sprinkle some beautiful jewelry designs in Fair Trade Stores around the country. And I also wanted this business to be a human endeavor, where “making a sale” would always be secondary to human relationship, connectedness, and mutual support. It has been deeply heartening to be able to witness the changes in the lives of our craftspeople in India over the years. Initially they were all extremely poor, but now they have their own homes and motorbikes, and their children are all in school. 

At this stage in the game, I am 76 years old and am getting strong messages that after 37 years in business (nearly half my life!) – it is time to DOWNSIZE! I will be moving into a Tiny House in a couple of years, and I need to simplify my possessions and sell off most of my inventory. My intention is to continue to do this business, but on a much smaller scale.  This website is an opportunity for our friends and customers to purchase our classic and best-selling styles at wholesale prices while they last! We are asking for a $100 minimum order (after coupon code), and orders of $500 (after coupon) or more will receive an additional discount. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful Fair Trade family! 



Roberta Anderson

Tel: 855-455-0707

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